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Socrates Software is excited to be working with Probation Services, Prison Services and some of the UK’s premier private companies bringing innovation and life-changing improvements to the sector by providing a “mobile mentor” via tablets and smartphones for Prisons and the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme.

  • Developed to allow Self-Service for Prisoners & Probationers
  • Provides continuous independent learning opportunities
  • Acts as an advanced electronic monitoring (EM) solution alerting both the probationer and staff when a deviation is occurring
  • Links to housing, employment, assistance, etc
  • Can be deployed safely and securely using our CHECK-approved security software

Socrates Software is proud to be making strides forward in the Health sector.

Socrates 360 improves professional development & training techniques whilst creating electronic audit trails and relieving pressure on management by introducing automation and workflows, often resulting in more efficient processes & procedures.

The Senior Management Team at Socrates Software has experience delivering secure software projects to governments and some of the largest companies across the globe.

The team has experience producing robust software that integrates with secure networks & use their expertise to produce solutions that can work alongside and interface with government systems.

Our systems are independently tested and assessed. We assess the Business Impact Level requirement on a case by case basis and utilise CLAS consultants as required.

Socrates 360 can be used by both Social Work staff and their service users, tracking progress to ensure smooth delivery of services.

Service users gain access to resources and information as well as a host of other services, available to them when and where they need it, 24/7, on their own smartphone.

Staff are provided with a means of keeping in touch with their service users and add value to their service delivery.

Socrates Software works with the leading Work Placement and Training Programme providers. We specialise in producing custom solutions tailored to the needs of end users whether they be staff, customers, sub-contractors, students or trainees.

Socrates 360 provides engaging, interactive training modules and supporting material, conveniently available as a smartphone or tablet app, or via te web

Providing accessible, fun and interactive content that is available 24/7 complements traditional learning techniques and can actually improve the effectiveness of time spent in the classroom

We believe user engagement is vital to ensure success in all of our projects

Progress, performance and level of understanding is tracked automatically and can be easily monitored by teachers and staff.

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Our Solution

It’s never been easier to get fun and effective learning material right into the hands of your learners. Socrates 360 is a complete solution for staff, work programme participants, prisoners, probationers, etc that combines engaging content, simple set-up and an easy tracking system for staff to monitor the results of independent study by viewing user progress data online.

Socrates 360 is available via tablet, smartphone & PC.

Engage, Support & Connect

Securely connect prisoners with staff and family. Offer in-cell education and wellbeing completely offline or online.

Inform & Guide

Help users stay organised with a live calendar, events and lesson timetables.

Manage Remotely

Manage user accounts, documents, resources and data via the easy-to-use management portal.

Securely Deploy Tablets In Prisons

Socrates allows prisoners to take advantage of tablet technology whilst staying in a secure environment.

Offer Incentives

Keep prisoners motivated and engaged through incentives and rewards.

Long Term Outcome

Reduce reoffending by prisoners. Enable offenders to develop and learn key transferable skills.

The Team

We have a team of experienced staff including business experts, trainers, content developers & software engineers, as well as teachers & educational/information writers.

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